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Bonding is useful for improving small irregularities, but is less successful than veneers in the treatment of some problems. 

The tooth is prepared by etching its surface with a gel. The surface is then painted with a bonding liquid that sets firmly when a special light is shone on it. A putty-like resin is moulded onto the tooth and shaped. The light is again used to harden it. Finally, the set resin is trimmed and polished.

Taking care of your bonding
  • Brush and floss regularly; avoid sweet or starchy foods.

  • Regular maintenance by a dentist is recommended. Rough or snagged areas can be smoothed if treated early.

  • Some commercially-available toothbrushes and toothpastes are too hard on bonded teeth. Your dentist will discuss the best teeth-cleaning materials to purchase.

  • Stresses on bonded teeth (such as biting into hard foods, for example, boiled lollies or carrots) may lead to breakages. If the front teeth have bonded edges, bite into foods using the side teeth.

  • As alcohol can cause deterioration of the resin, it should be taken in moderation.
Advantages of bonding
  • Bonding is often a satisfactory alternative for small blemishes.

  • Tooth preparation is not normally required.

  • Only one visit to the dentist is usually needed.

  • An excellent colour match can usually be achieved.

  • Bonding may be a less expensive option than veneers in selected cases.

  • Bonding can be used as a conservative, temporary measure if more permanent treatment requiring tooth preparation is planned for a later stage.

  • A bonded surface can be repaired in the mouth and can be maintained if the person wants the dentist to look after it.
Disadvantages of bonding
  •  As bonding material is made of a bonded resin, it is not as strong as veneers and is more prone to chipping or breaking, but is easily repaired.

  • Bonding may need regular touch-up work in some cases.
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Implant Dentures

Dentures are a great alternative for those who have lost a significant number of teeth due to aging, decay, wear or periodontal disease. Aging teeth tend to become more brittle, which is why many individuals have chosen dentures as their option to restore their teeth for a fool-proof smile.

Even relatively young people have chosen dentures as their option because they offer a full, complete smile without the embarrassment of smiling with missing teeth. A denture may have to be fitted to maintain normal chewing, bite, speech and the appearance of the upper and lower jaws.

Millions of people around the globe choose dentures as their option. With today’s technology, dentures are fitted and look more natural than ever before. Call Dr Pather today to schedule your appointment for an evaluation and a fitting for your dentures. 
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